Amazon is Now Delivering Packages With Scouts Robot

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Amazon Scout

The Amazon’s six-wheeled robot that transporting on sidewalks began testing shipments to customers in the Irvine, California. Amazon has tested the deployment of their first Scout robot in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle. They say that in their experience until this day, this robot has gained a lot of experience about a variety of weather conditions. Therefore, this little blue robot should have better performance in sunny California.

For starters, Amazon will only use a few Amazon Scout robots that only send a few packages on weekdays during the daytime. Each Scout robot will be accompanied by human employees from Amazon to ensure mistakes or things that are out of desire. Even so, the robot will run itself automatically and send the packages without human assistance. This policy was used by Amazon when they conducted an initial trial in Washington. Expansion to this new city proves that Amazon’s trials are producing results.

During the trial, Amazon employees accompanied the robot. They have to assess the performance of the Scout robot, answer some questions from people around, and ask their opinions about the robot. The robot has not been able to interact with humans on a daily life and the most important part of commercial robot launches is to study the interaction of robots with humans in order to find ways to change, adapt, or improve the way the interaction of robots.

According to Amazon, the Scout robots will be added to orders in the Irvine area. If you live in the Irvine area and buy something from Amazon, depending on the type of object and its weight, maybe you will get a delivery service from this Scout robot.

There were many initial ideas from the Scout robot design, both to strengthen its ability to be able to survive for miles until its appearance seemed easy to approach. All of those ideas have changed rapidly and evolved into little blue robots.

Amazon has been testing this Scout robot for months with several tests in the real world and digital simulations. But, the Scout robot is not the only Amazon project created to automatically deliver. The company also uses air drones for Amazon Prime Air services. But like the Scout project, Amazon Prime Air is still in its initial stages.

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