Taycan, Porsche’s First Electric Car

Porcsche Taycan

In this modern era, scientists are always trying to create alternative technologies that can maintain the balance of nature. One of the best innovations that have been discovered so far is the electric car. Unlike conventional cars, this car moves using electrical energy stored in special batteries.

Porsche began working on their first electric car project in almost four years, and we already know some accurate information about its development. But we are still faced with some fundamental questions that have not been answered until now. For example is what this car called Taycan looks like and how its performance. After waiting for so long, we finally have the opportunity to find out the answer. This electric car was shown through a new video published by former Fifth Gear presenter Jonny Smith.

Smith was the one who got the first chance to try this Porsche Taycan car firsthand. He has a channel on YouTube about electric cars. He managed to turn a small commuter car in the 1970s into a fastest EV in the world.

Because he is so familiar with fast electric cars, this video will trigger curiosity from buyers about this Taycan car. And as Smith and Porsche have repeatedly stated in the video, it seems likely that Porsche will soon launch this Taycan car to the market. A Tesla car might have a faster speed of up to 60 miles per hour, but a liquid-cooled Porsche 800V battery might be able to produce more electrons and make the car’s performance bigger.

This video also shows what a car named Taycan looks like, including the sound of the engine at low speeds and at high speeds. But, we still can’t see the interior design. All the seats and dash shown in the video were deliberately covered with cloth so that the audience could not see the final details of the car that had been in production for many years. Porsche has been quite open about the facts of the development of Taycan for the past four years, but it seems they still want to hide certain details until the car is officially launched on the market.

Actually, electric cars are not new in the automotive world. This technology has been discovered since the end of the 19th century. But the popularity of this car faded in the 1970s and 1980s. This is because the engine combustion technology in conventional cars is more advanced so that the price of gasoline-fueled vehicles tends to be cheaper.

Only when the price of oil is higher in the 2000s, electric vehicles or cars began to be noticed again. Since 2011, leading car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Tesla and Renault began mass-producing electric energy-fueled vehicles and sold them commercially in the market.

The main fuel for electric cars is electricity that is easily obtained and generated. To produce this energy, we only need generators and power plants such as steam, water, wind, or nuclear. Compared to gasoline, this is clearly far more effective. To get gasoline fuel, we have to drill and exploit oil from the bowels of the earth. If continue this process, oil will be increasingly scarce and the price will even higher.

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